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Imagine the portfolio management software you could build if you were able to leverage decades of experience working with 370 clients in more than 40 countries?

No need to imagine. It’s here. Meet PAM® for Investments.

Building on its proven investment accounting core, more than two decades of financial technology experience, and requirements collected from one of the world's largest and most diverse client bases, Princeton Financial Systems delivers its PAM® for Investments to those who are serious about accuracy, efficiency, and total cost of ownership. PAM® for Investments is the next generation of flexible, scalable, intuitive, and easy-to-use investment portfolio management software.

The growth of financial markets has also meant increased complexity and uncertainty. This has also increased the expectations on those managing the investment portfolios and everything that goes along with it.

As a result, setting up and carrying out an arrangement for investment accounting and reporting best practices has never been more important, not only in helping those who manage the investments, but in protecting the businesses that own them.

PAM® for Investments is a key component to establishing those accounting and reporting best practices. Our investment accounting software brings together information from disparate sources quickly and accurately. It provides consistency and flexibility. It is automated and scalable. All of this relieves a lot of the burden from the accounting and finance professionals, allowing them to concentrate on developing the investment strategies to maintain the strength of their portfolio.

Too many investment companies today have to put up with accounting and portfolio reporting technology that a) is prone to errors and b) can’t grow with your business as your firm expands and evolves. PAM® investment management software provides what your company may now lack – clear and reliable data regarding your portfolios.

Standard investment accounting software tends to leave firms unable to react in a timely manner because the software delivers imprecise and inconsistent information regarding investments’ performance.

PAM®, however, is portfolio management software that provides managers with detailed and up-to-the-minute reports that help them make proactive and strategic decisions. By compiling and reconciling data quickly and accurately, PAM® allows investment professionals to work on more important tasks such as analyzing performance and strengthening investment portfolios.

Key Features

  • Multi-basis accounting: local GAAP, TAX, Stat, Management, IFRS
  • Integrated sub-ledger with multiple charts of accounts
  • Multi-currency based with bifurcation of FX and market G/L
  • Accounting across all asset classes: equities, fixed income, derivatives, structured products, options, futures, swaps, real estate investments, private placements, bank loans
  • Integrated GIPS-compliant performance measurement, attribution and analysis
  • Slice and dice your accounting data across assets classes and managers
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Web-based reporting with user-defined dashboards
  • Flexible ownership structure

Your Benefits

  • Increased productivity with easy-to-use user interface, customizable grids and workspaces the way you want them
  • Ability to run, track, and review reports quickly – one click reports are simple
  • Multiple dashboards to effectively analyze and manage exceptions throughout the trading and investment lifecycle
  • Lower cost of ownership with Windows.NET web-based architecture that provides efficiency in scaling investment accounting operations globally
  • Seamless integration with other elements of your firm’s investment architecture with a web services based architecture and SDK (Software Development Toolkit)

The Windows-based interface and Microsoft Office-like navigation, built around the Windows.NET platform, provides an enhanced, yet familiar user experience to help increase productivity. Whether you are looking to support international accounting and reporting requirements, fulfill accounting needs for multiple jurisdictions globally or locally, PAM® for Investments is software for investment management that offers horizontal and vertical scalability, and simplified installation, and flexible deployment.

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More than 80 percent of institutions have experienced significant impacts from regulatory changes in the countries where they operate. (Deloitte)

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